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Office taboos aside, who wouldn't want to have their best buddy from work become their S. Those stats mean the chances of you (or someone you know) having an office fling is pretty likely.We talked to several relationship and career experts to get their advice on everything you need to know about getting close with your cubicle buddy. DO: Accept That You'll Likely Be Attracted To Someone At Work Dr.It's Not Just About You You may think this is a private affair, but is it really?Logic tells you your romantic involvement will impact your coworkers directly.Helen Fisher,'s official chief scientific officer, says that people tend to fall in love with someone they're physically around and who also share the same goals, values, educational background and intelligence.Combine all these factors into one, and your office essentially becomes a petri dish of love life possibility.Fisher's recent research has found that nearly one in three millennial women start romantic relationships at work, so if you catch someone glancing at you from the water cooler, it's all thanks to science.

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This system obviously has advantages over night-time pick-ups in darkened clubs, holiday romances, (notoriously short-lived), or blind dates arranged by friends. High-powered City workers of the Nineties are accustomed to using the office as a complete life- support system. Making a pass is a dangerous manoeuvre in the workplace. Trying to blur the lines between business and pleasure will appear sleazy.

Amanda Lambros, relationship expert and occupational therapy lecturer at Perth's Curtin University, says the way in which work colleagues learn to communicate with each other can imitate the early phase of a romantic relationship.

"Seeing the way someone works and the passion they bring to the job can be a huge turn-on, and although you may not have been drawn to them at first, you start to feel the pull of attraction," says Lambros."Being able to confide in someone, being able to trust someone, being able to have open and honest communication with someone, these are all fundamental elements to intimate relationships – but they are also the elements that develop between work colleagues." But after the initial temptation gives way to the thrill of covert lust, what happens next?

Some of these liaisons never get past being affairs, or messy short-term relationships. Here, we meet three couples who dealt with their office romances in different ways; one couple who came clean immediately; one who kept their romance a secret; and finally, one whose affair was reported by a third party.

Rebecca Pinkstone and Tom Kehoe met while working in a public service department in Sydney's inner west.


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