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The following post was published on May 12, 2009 titled “Something’s Wrong, Part 2” categorized in Horses and The Kids and can be found here.I have copied the entire post and photos here because it is so disturbing and I wanted to point things out to those who may be unaware of natural horse behaviors.I thought that 2016 was a pretty bad year, but 2017 has already topped it for sheer awfulness, thanks to the news that game manufacturer Hasbro is putting the identity of Monopoly's iconic playing tokens to a public vote. And when I think about that possibility, an icy hand grabs hold of my heart and squeezes. No decent person could deny that a game of Monopoly is hands-down the best way of spending a fun, relaxing evening with friends.Until January 31, Monopoly fans — and, more frighteningly, Monopoly haters who want to ruin Monopoly for everyone — can go to Monopoly's Token Madness website and cast their ballot for their preferred token. It has everything you want in a board game: strategy; real estate; furious screaming matches between loved ones; two dice.No token is safe: the next edition of the game, due out in August, could potentially feature eight entirely new playing pieces, chosen from a list that includes a goldfish (! But more than anything, Monopoly is a glorious reminder of the certainties in life, the unshakeable traditions that give us a firm place to stand amid the shifting sands of modernity.No matter how the world changes, we could always come home at the end of the day, open up the Monopoly box, and take up our thimble or battleship for a soothing session of familiarity. Is there something offensive to Hasbro in the simple act of ironing?When the motivation is curiosity, the diagnosis could simply be “teenager” or “preteen”, the impact benign, and prognosis good.

During this time it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the rider to get the horse through their panic by calming them down and remaining calm themselves.

The Monopoly tokens were chosen by wise Hasbro elders and lasted for 70 years because they worked.

You can't just decide what sort of playing piece is best for a board game based on the fickle whim of the untrained public: that's a job for an expert. I am always open to the possibility of progress and renewal. If we end up with a hashtag hopping around the board and building hotels on Marlborough Street and collecting the spare money under the Free Parking space unless you don't play with that rule in which case Free Parking doesn't really have any point...

This will be very long and maybe even mind-numbingly boring to some of you but for those who understand horses or learn something from it, you’ll probably be as outraged as I was after viewing it.– Ask any horse trainer or anyone who rides regularly and understands horses, they will ALL tell you that MOST, and yes I mean MOST, wrecks on horses are the direct fault of the rider. And I’m not bullshitting you at all, call around and ask for yourself. There is nothing more demoralizing than having a wreck and the person who witnessed it telling you that it was completely your own fault – THEY’RE USUALLY RIGHT.– Although horses weigh on average 1200 lbs.

they are the BIGGEST cowards and scarady cats around.


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